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4 Most Expensive Hotels in the World

Find the perfect hotel for a truly luxurious holiday experience. We’ve listed down our top picks for the most extravagant hotel rooms across the world.

1. Lover’s Deep Luxury Submarine, St Lucia

Lover’s Deep Luxury Submarine is primely located deep under the ocean. So, you can fully enjoy an underwater view of marine life, where your private chef and butler cater to your every need. A night at this magnificent hotel will cost you 150,000 dollars. Besides, the submarine can also be navigated to any other part of the Caribbean you would love to spend a night at.

2. Empathy suite, The Palms

If you’re a true art fanatic, then this lavish hotel room will surely steal your heart away. It is immaculately designed by Damian Hurst, featuring six of his originals and customized Furniture. A night at this exquisite hotel will cost you 100,000 dollars. Here, you will get easy access to two master bedrooms, a salt relaxation room, a cantilevered Jacuzzi facing the Las Vegas strip, and a private tour of all their mesmerizing art collections.

3. The Royal Penthouse, Hotel President Wilso

Located in Geneva, Switzerland, The Royal Penthouse is the perfect hotel to experience a night of luxury. It is committed to provide safety & privacy all under one roof. It occupies the hotel’s entire eighth floor. Featuring bulletproof windows, and a 24/7 security system. A night at this luxurious hotel will cost you 80,000 dollars. Furthermore, it has 12 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, and a spellbinding panoramic view of Mont Blanc and Lake Geneva.

4. The Mark Penthouse, The Mark Hotel

The Mark Penthouse is considered as one of the largest hotels in the USA. It is situated in Central Park, New York. This opulent hotel is spread over the two top floors of the Mark Hotel and covers 10,000 sq.ft. A night at this luxurious hotel will cost you 75,000 dollars. It is fully equipped with six bathrooms, five bedrooms, two powder rooms, four fireplaces, and two wet bars. It also has a spacious living room that can easily be reshaped into a ballroom.

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